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Polynesian tattoo artist Haute-Savoie, in Thonon les Bains, recently to share with you my Passion.
The Tatau “Polynesian Tattoo”

Iaorana – & Polynesian tattoo artist Haute Savoie

Come and discover our Polynesian tattoo artist who is named Miki who will carry out all your tattoos with passion as well as Maeva who will be delighted to advise you and guide you for each of your projects. & Polynesian tattoo artist Haute Savoie

Tatoueur polynésien Haute Savoie

Tattoo parlor 100% Polynesian

Miki has been practicing Polynesian tattooing for over 13 years. Born in Raiatea. He left his island to land in France in order to make you discover the Tatau [Polynesian Tattoo] and its culture.

He will carry out your custom projects with drawings directly on the skin and of course by a show of hands. The equipment used is for single use and 100% sterile.

We offer different styles such as Tahitian, Marquesan, Hawaiian, Samoa and New Zealander.

Tatoueur polynesien

Tatoueur polynesien

Ohana Tattoo Shop Miki

The reference of Polynesian tattoo - Maori tattoo - Tahitian tattoo


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